Calcustom Radiator 22" x 19" - 31" x 19" From $350

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Two styles available, depending on which sides you want inlet/outlet. Please confirm with your engine bay layout before ordering.

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100% Aluminum Construction
The uniformity of an all-aluminum construction radiator allows for the best heat transfer characteristics. The common bond shared by all elements of the core assures the best cooling ability pound for pound.

The furnace brazing process applies heat to all the elements of the core and brazes them together. Because of the effectiveness of this furnace brazing process, AFCO cores are free of the need for epoxy on the header to tube joint.

100% TIG Welded
We want our radiators to look as good as they cool. That is why all AFCO radiators are 100% hand TIG welded by true craftsmen at the top of their industry. This gives the radiator the strongest and most uniform welds.

100% Pressure-Tested
Every AFCO Radiator goes through a multi-step quality control process. One of the most critical steps is the pressure test. Each radiator is pressurized beyond working pressures and checked for leaks. If a leak is detected, the radiator fails the test and is pulled out of production. This means you won’t get a radiator that ends up with that mysterious stain on the core caused by a small leak.

Close Tolerances
AFCO radiators have a tight tolerance for fin to header distance. Much of the cooling that happens in a radiator is at the point where the coolant is the hottest and the air flow is the coldest. This situation exists at the inlet header tank and the beginning edge of the fins. This tolerance is overlooked by many in the industry and is evident at a glance.

The radiator tanks play a key role in the structural integrity of a radiator. AFCO’s deep drawn formed tanks are made of .080” 3003 aluminum for strength and durability. The manufacturing process of forming the tank keeps the stretch tolerance to a maximum of .0005”. This is the kind of integrity that you will only find in a AFCO Radiator.


Height: 19" (does not include filler or mounting angle pieces on top and bottom.
Width: 26"



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