Fibreglass Bonnet Scoop

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Rivet or Bond on type, original contour and shape as found on S/C 427 AC Cobra. See "dimensions" tab.



Width at front 350mm.

Width at rear 290mm.

Length 585mm.

Height at front 50mm.

Height at rear 18mm.

Flange 20mm.


Suitable also for Sunbeam Tiger(Carroll Shelby inspired).


Scoop flange edge is generally positioned 2.5” from back edge of bonnet. For Rivets, put first rivet in centre of rear of scoop, then use approx. 13 rivets up each side of scoop. In total 27 rivets. Approx rivet spacing is 2.1”.

If you also want to install matching bonnet rivets.
1. On original 427 S/C & competition AC Cobra’s, these are positioned 2” apart on front edge of bonnet, in total 11 rivets are used. The rivets up the sides of the bonnet are then 1 ¾” apart and there are 10 rivets on each side of bonnet. All rivets are 2” from bonnet edge.
2. ERA use pattern where these are positioned 2” in from front/side edges of bonnet. Start from middle of front edge of bonnet measure 2” from centre line in both left/right direction, then place rivet, then rivet at next 3” mark from previous rivot, then 3”, 3”, 3”(on corner), 5”, 5” and 5”. Total of 16 rivets.

To avoid panel distortion & cracking paint, only use blind rivets with aluminum mandrels or Button head cap screws

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